Bad Breath?

How to get rid of your Bad Breath?

Bad Breath not necessary leads to isolation, wash-out and loneliness. Today, when the causes are well known, we can fight Bad Breath with success.

The pace of our life is accelerating. Despite of the devices making our life more convenient, our list of chores is getting longer and longer. We live our life under constant pressure and as years pass it is getting more and more tiring to face everyday challenges: to properly care for our health, personal relations, professional development (to put it simple: for everything) is almost impossible.

All of us deserve such important things as success, self-confidence, etc. So, it is no wonder that we forget to care for the small things in the treadwheel of daily routine. We fail to realize that our everyday success might depend on these (seemingly) “small things”.

People can divided into two groups according their attitude: the first is the group of individuals is who became weary of their difficulties and accepted their present state of life; who accuse others or the circumstances for their own failures. The other group consists of the mass of people who realized that they are responsible for their personal happiness. They constantly look for new opportunities and ready to take the effort to maximize their potential. They know: those, so called, “small things” are essential to achieve success and self-confidence.

Which group do you belong to?

It is obvious that you are in the second group, since you are interested in an opportunity which might make you life better and easier.

The key element of success is our ability to built useful and constructive social relationships. Either in business or private life, first impression is one of the most crucial moments in a successful interrelation. Our judgment on a person made at the first encounter is decisively affect the future run of a relationship. The first impression is influenced by such factors as courtesy, appearance and neatness.

Only few of us know, but it is scientifically proved that, after bad body odor, Bad Breath is the most important factor which influences our impression on a person.

Bad Breath can be an insidious foe. Many live being not aware of their breath. Human nose adjust to the bad and – anyway – we exhale and smell our own breath in the same time.

It is surprising but, according to researches, 20% of the population is affected by Breath Problems in various degrees. Bad Breath affects the way a person feel and the judgment of others in connection with the person. Bad Breath renders making contacts more difficult; and, eventually, it leads to isolation, loneliness, failure and depression.

Note that besides chronic, perpetually existing Breath Problems, there are temporary breath problems. The most common is morning breath. More often the symptoms may appear after the consumption of various meals (garlic), smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee.

If you are sure that you are not affected by this problem and there is nobody in your environment that might be able to use this information, this site is not for you. However, don’t forget that there might be important moments in one’s life when it is not recommended to entrust the freshness of your breath to chance. It is recommended to fill in the following test in order to find out if the right conditions for Bad Breath are given or not.

Who has met problems caused by Bad Breath knows what I mean. If it is so, please, go on reading this article; it is for you. You may step into such knowledge that may change your, your family’s or your friends’ life. Soon I will tell you the solution that helped millions all around the world to get rid of their Bad Breath.

Let’s think it over! How much it would change your life if shouldn’t be apprehensive of leaning forward to your partners and fear that they might turn away their heads. You can manage your relations more easily if you can be yourself and you don’t have to struggle your anxieties.

The solution I offer may radically change your life, if your are fighting with Breath Problems; whether you are aware of the problem or not. You can forget the uncertainty caused by Bad Breath, and you can yield ground for a more confident you. These products may offer relief even if you only use them out of consciousness.


Bad Breath is concern since ancient times, but – due to the social expectations of our days – it is more in focus than ever. Down to recent times the human genius flooded us with ”better and better” cures, but none them gave the expected results.

Opposing to the popular belief, the majority of Breath Problems is not caused by digestive, respiratory or other illnesses, but – according to scientific researches – in 90% of the cases, Bad Breath originates in the mouth.

Another false belief is that Bad Breath is in connection with personal hygiene. It is thought that attending dental examinations regularly and brushing the tooth properly will do the trick. It is not so simple. Of course, there are individuals who have bad breath owning to oral hygiene, consumption of alcohol or hard smoking. These people normally aren’t interested in our topic and, possibly, they aren’t reading these lines.

However, here we have the other, more numerous group of people do their best to get rid of or prevent Bad Breath: they clean their tooth several times a day, use chewing gum, regularly visit their dentist. Many times in vain.

I know how humiliating and unfair is to denote these persons as ones with poor hygiene.

It is not your fault!

It is an illness that - under certain circumstances - might occur at anybody.

Let’s see why Bad Breath really originates in the mouth.

Bad Breath might occur, if conditions are ideal for the multiplication of anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for protein digestion and they are normally present in our body. They are harmless. If their circumstances change, they might proliferate in such a degree that the concentration of volatile sulphur compounds might become perceivable or even unpleasant for others.

It follows from the above that why chewing-gums or mentholated drops are ineffective against Bad Breath. What these products do is that they veil bad odor with a stronger one. Their effect is dubious and doesn’t last long.

Some mouthwashes aim to solve Breath Problems by eliminating the bacteria, but – unfortunately – they still offer temporary relief, since they terminate “good” bacteria but that cannot be an aim.

Chewing-gums and anti-bacterial rinses might be effective in certain cases, but they usually serve as a complementary treatment. You need a product which is able to reduce the number of bacteria and it – instead of eliminating all of these micro-organisms – helps to restore natural balance in the mouth.

Dr. Harold Katz, an American microbiologist and dentist, designed the TetroBreath product line especially against Bad Breath. Applying successfully at his clinic for more than 11 years, Dr. Katz treated over 22 000 people with these products. The story of success started in California, but today TetroBreath products are used in 57 countries all over the world, and they helped millions of people.

How does TetroBreath works?

The active compound of TetroBreath product is the, so called, Oxyd-8 molecule (stabilized chlor-dioxide). This “ingredient” is able to:

  • reduce the number of bacteria by its disinfecting action,
  • by transmitting oxygen to its environment, it reduces the number of anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria,
  • by its oxygenating effect it neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds causing bad breath.
As it can be seen, it doesn’t veil unpleasant odors or destroys beneficial bacteria, but oxygenates its environment blocking the proliferation of harmful organizations. What is more, it neutralizes already existing sulphur compounds.

The regular use of TetroBreath products completely dissolves Bad Breath. It guarantees fresh breath.

The TetroBreath family

In order to reach the 'hard-to-get' areas of mouth, where anaerobic bacteria might be produced, TetroBreath products are available in various forms: tooth gel, oral rinse and spray.

Besides their active agent they contain flour (against cavities), pirophosphate (to prevent plaque formation), aloe vera and natural sweetening (xylitol). In brief, TetroBreath products contain all the essential ingredients which can be expected from a state-of-the-art oral care system.

Since alcohol dehydrates the mucous membrane of the mouth, it indirectly contributes to the development of breath problems. TetroBreath Oral Rinse doesn’t contain alcohol as most oral rinses.

TetroBreath tooth gel doesn’t contain natrium-lauryl-sulphate that may have to do with mouth ulcers (aphta).

To sum up, TetroBreath oral care products are composed according to the latest scientific findings. TetroBreath products not only fight bad breath, but help to preserve tooth- and gumhealth. TetroBreath offer full oral care, so, there is no need for other supplementary oral care products.

"Maybe this is not what I really need..."

Imagine that you can make your breath fresh for the whole day during your daily oral hygiene procedures. Imagine that you can feel free to get into touch with people and be confident both at work or at home.

24 hour TetroBreath guarantee!

Both the TetroBreath Toothgel and Oral Rinse cost 4 850 HUF.

For new customers we recommend TetroBreath Introductory Kit (9 700 HUF). This kit contains a TetroBreath Oral Rinse, a TetroBreath Tooth Gel and a free tongue cleaner (worths 990 HUF).

Bad breath? TetroBreath helps!

You will hardly find any similarly effective solution at the moment.

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